dexter rustamov


Administrative Assistant

Born in the Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan, Dexter’s interest in the healthcare field was never a question from the beginning. He was exposed to medicine in early childhood when he would spend hours in his family’s library going through medical books. After graduating from high school, Dexter moved to Florida and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from FAU.

When he first started his job, at the Paley Institute, Dexter never imagined that such a place could exist. It is perhaps the only place where the rarest orthopedic conditions are a normal part of daily encounters. Families come from all over the world, as the Institute is a beacon of hope for them. Witnessing children taking their first steps after corrective surgery and intense physical therapy has shown him what true hope looks like via the application of knowledge and new technologies in medicine. Dexter is so thankful that he can contribute to a patient’s experience as an administrative member of Dr. Feldman’s team.

Constantly following trends and developments in current software and technological development, Dexter believes that they are the next step in enhancing healthcare. His long term goal in hospital and clinical work is to become a Chief Medical Officer. In his free time, Dexter enjoys reading and learning new things about medicine and the human body.

“Dr. Feldman literally saved my life. He saved my ability to do everything I need and want to without having to worry about the future... I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone dealing with adult hip dysplasia, or hip preservation concerns.”
“After an extensive search, we knew we had found the right orthopedic surgeon to care for our child when we met Dr. David Feldman. At the outset and throughout the lengthy process, Dr. Feldman treated our child as a whole person and not just an isolated surgical issue. He was astute enough to discern when to treat us as physicians and when to treat us as parents. Dr. Feldman’s authoritative knowledge, broad experience, clinical judgment, and technical skill are outdone only by his warm heart and modest demeanor. We feel blessed to have found him.”
Ralph & Melissa
"Our son was born with skeletal dysplasia and at the age of 13 needed surgical intervention and a spinal fusion. Jordan’s surgery with Dr. Feldman went very well and he has returned to playing basketball, and all activities. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Feldman and his incredible expertise. As Jordan puts it, “He gave me my life back.”
Mike & Karen

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